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Calcium SIMA powder for dogs and cats
Recommended for dogs with these symptoms! Lower back pain, hernia, hip pain, hip dysplasia, stress care, urinary stones, aging care, and concerns about taking too much phosphorus
Amount per day: Less than 3 kg: 1 g 3-5 kg: 1.5 g 5-10 kg: 2 g 10 kg or more: 3 g Depending on your health condition and weight, sprinkle the following amount on rice and feed. *1g contains approximately 370mg of calcium.
Calcium SIMA powder for owners
Recommended for owners with these symptoms! Low back pain, hernia, osteoporosis, ureteral stones, hip pain, degenerative hip joint phase, spinal canal stenosis phase, and those trying to conceive.
Calcium SIMA powder contains approximately 370mg of calcium in 1g! You can get the recommended amount with 2g to 3g!
By changing the dilution ratio, it can be used for multiple purposes such as cleaning dog and cat toys, removing dog sebum stains and odors, washing, cleaning spray detergent, washing dishes and kitchen utensils, and disinfecting and deodorizing spray. .
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